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App Refresh (Shipping Q4 '21)

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Connected TV App (2021)

Appearing on all streaming devices and platforms is BR's first connected TV app. This project was under demanding timelines and incorporated various resources and companies within WarnerMedia, Turner Sports, and Bleacher Report. Product Design stepped in with little to no requirements and provided every screen and design in less than two weeks, thanks to their proactiveness, speed, and platform expertise. The project also incorporated our updated design language, helping us extend our design systems to TV.

Perfect Picks Game (2020)

Perfect Picks is Bleacher Report's first free-to-play game for bettors of all skill levels. The goal was to create a simple but competitive game for sports fans using daily storylines and events. Design played a critical role by partnering with cross-functional teams to determine game mechanics and establish a new visual language. As the Director of Product Design, my role was to eliminate blockers for the team to meet their deadlines and advocate for design directions with programming and product stakeholders.

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Bleacher Report Betting Game

Direct Messaging (2019)

At Bleacher Report, the mission is to simplify a sports fans' life which is very fragmented across many platforms and services. We understood that naturally, users shared content off our platform into group chats on iMessage and Messenger for conversation and banter. In-app direct messaging was our way to give users a differentiated chat experience with sports-centric features to enhance any type of conversation or sports moment from a big trade to a game-winning shot. As the Director of Product Designer, my role was to help define the scope and order of design priorities.

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Bleacher Report In-app Direct Messaging

Raise Me

iOS App (2018)

RaiseMe is a platform that allows high school students to earn scholarships from their achievements as early as the 9th grade. RaiseMe was only available on the web and poorly communicated eligibility requirements, making it difficult to keep students engaged and earning or receiving their scholarships. As the Lead Designer, I was tasked with developing RaiseMe's first iOS app to increase engagement and address product confusion. I conducted extensive remote interviews with students new, existing, and past to better understand their pain points and improve the new app's core flows and screens.

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RaiseMe iOS app

New User Onboarding (2018)

As part of the effort to address product confusion while also meeting business goals, students earning scholarships on RaiseMe, as the Lead Designer, I advocated for a new user onboarding experience. By walking new students through earning a scholarship, we would effectively show how the product worked and improve our metrics. RaiseMe was easy to explain verbally, but the product experience never matched. Working with my Product Managers, we validated my hypothesis on the mobile web and saw a dramatic increase in students' earning scholarships' in their first sessions and quickly implemented it into our iOS app MVP.

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RaiseMe onboarding to address product confusion.


Internal Mac App (2017)

BuzzFeed Video Producers used various third-party tools (Google Forms and Sheets, Trello, Airtable) to store information about each video they created. This process made it difficult for Curators to find videos old and new to post across BuzzFeed's Facebook pages and YouTube channels. My squad was tasked with replacing multiple tools and collect better data about the videos created for learning purposes. As the Sr. Product Designer, I conducted extensive user research with all stakeholders to understand pain points, identify inefficiencies in their workflow, and test prototypes. Within 3 months, we developed a mac application that 300+ video producers use daily to publish their videos.

Internal Mac Application for BuzzFeed Video Producers

Feed Redesign (2016)

BuzzFeed set out to redesign the home feed and navigation of its native apps to improve content discovery. The previous feed design did not showcase the breadth of content that BuzzFeed published, e.g., news, video, and quizzes. As the Sr. Product Designer, I developed a new design language and components to distinguish various content types from each other. The new design was also consistently applied across platforms to allow the content to be presented in the best way possible and make new features faster to design and develop.

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BuzzFeed Feed redesign to improve content discovery

Video Player (2016)

In addition to the feed redesign, as the Sr. Product Designer, I was also tasked with developing a native video player that supported various aspect ratios published by BuzzFeed Video Producers from 16:9 to full portrait video in both viewing modes, landscape and portrait.

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BuzzFeed native video player to support various aspect ratios and viewing mode


Homepage Redesign (2015)

After Trulia was acquired by Zillow, both companies needed to ensure consumers understood the difference between the two real estate companies or risk market confusion. Trulia would ultimately cater to first-time homebuyers, traditionally a younger audience. As the Lead Visual Designer, I worked with marketing to develop a new visual design language, including new fonts, color palette, and refined logo. The homepage was the first product that received both the new design and an entirely new layout to improve search and lead generation.

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Trulia homepage redesign to cater towards first time homebuyers and improve lead generation

iOS 7 Redesign (2013)

With the announcement of iOS7 and the new flat design language, I was tasked to quickly update Trulia's consumer app and also address several usability issues. Working with user research, we learned the previous search experience was overwhelming and packed with options that were not essential to renters and homebuyers. I prioritized the essential filters gathered from our interviews and quantitative data collected to make searching for homes faster and immersive, a departure from Trulia's data-heavy competitors.

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Trulia iOS 7 App redesign to update look and feel to match new flat design guidelines and search issues